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February 21, 2024 , 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Painting Leaves on Vellum – Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Zoom Recording Below

In this presentation I'll be talking about my project of portraying leaves on vellum.

I'll speak about finding inspiration in the everyday things around us and portraying them as

motifs in fine art.


I'll show you how I prepare my vellum for painting and how I frame it as well as giving you

an insight into my process of mixing colors and painting.



Born in Austria, I always had a big fascination with both art and nature, spending my

childhood with my hands deep in either paint or local ponds, catching frogs and snails or

collecting flowers to press. I have a background in fine art and design as well as agriculture which led to my botanical interest.


I had been working with watercolor for a few years before dipping my toe into botanical

art for the first time and falling in love instantly. In 2020, I finished my diploma in botanical illustration at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and was awarded the James and Eve Bennett Trust Fund Award for my

diploma project. I am now working as a botanical illustrator and instructor full time.



Instagram:  isabelmischka

web site:

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