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Mary Dillon
Painting Flowers in Watercolor- It’s all about You! 
(video below)

• Make it personal  - get to know your plant intimately.

• Go with the flow - create a dynamic eye-catching composition. 

• Choose and use color with confidence.

• Paint with patience - using controlled wet, damp and dry layers of watercolour.

I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve discovered makes a difference to my painting.


Mary Dillon is an Irish botanical artist. Preferring to work in large format, Mary enjoys capturing the essence of a plant with its sensuality and frailty. Color, light and form fascinate her. Mary has a particular fascination with botanical art as a personal process for the artist while at the same time striving for excellence in her art practice.


Mary’s work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in Vienna, St. Louis, San Francisco, Madrid, Frankfurt and London. Mary recently received the Anne Marie Carney Award for best painting in an inaugural international show and the Jean Emmons People’s Choice award at the ASBA (American Society of Botanical Artists) exhibition in San Francisco, October 2017. She was awarded Gold Medal and Best in Show in Botanical and Floral Art at Bloom, Dublin, 2016, and Gold and Silver Medals at Bloom, 2017.


Mary has been elected a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanical Artists, UK and a member of the Watercolour Society of Ireland. She was the founding chairperson of the Irish Society of Botanical Art. Mary is an artist member and tutor with the American Society of Botanical Artists.


Mary enjoys teaching botanical art in Ireland and regularly teaches internationally in the United States, Barcelona, London, Greece, and Romania. Mary finds teaching botanical art particularly rewarding as it provides the perfect opportunity to bring together her three passions of watercolour painting, plants and working with people.



Instagram: @marydillonartist


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Mary Dillon Zoom Presentation

Aug 9, 2023 10:00-11:00 AM Central Time

Meeting ID 813 0700 7570

Passcode 413500

Waiting Room

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