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Zoom presentation video is available below

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Title/Description:  Gouache - A Very Versatile Watermedia

Gouache is much more than the illustrator's medium of the past. Today’s gouache paints are of artist quality, made with a higher pigment-to-binder ratio than watercolor and created without adding white. Lightening a color with white is left up to the artist. From quick color notes in the field, color ideas in the studio or sketchbook on up to major paintings, gouache is a versatile water-based medium used light to dark as in watercolor, or light over dark, as in acrylic or oils, or a combination of both. It can be thinned with water to work in layers like watercolor or used ‘straight from the tube’ to paint immediate bold strokes of color as in oil painting alla prima-style. It is especially effective on all the beautiful toned papers available today.

I will be demonstrating the amazing versatility of this often over-looked water medium; I hope that it inspires you to do some experimenting of your own.



Kelly Radding is an award winning artist who lives on a Connecticut farm surrounded by her beloved New England woodlands. She is inspired by all things in nature and considers herself a painter of contemporary naturalism, interpreting her experiences and observations in the field into her art. Kelly is drawn to historical mediums and techniques such as egg tempera, gouache, dry brush watercolor on vellum, and silverpoint.

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Video is available to GRC Members for two weeks, until April 3, 2024

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