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Sharon Field

"3,000 Days... And Counting..."
Making a Difference Through Your Art

Wednesday, January 17
10:00 am ~ 11:00 am CST
Video Link Below!

Brief description of talk

The artwork “3000 days ... and counting ...” started as my personal protest about climate change, which was to do a drawing a day for 3000 days!  What a crazy idea!  My talk will explain the background to this artwork.  And more importantly, it will explain how and why I believe this artwork has taken on a new meaning for people in a number of countries around the world.  I will also give you the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how I am doing this work, which is a little bit like nature journaling on steroids!  


Sharon Field Bio

Sharon began her botanical art career in 2009 after careers in teaching and the Australian Public Service in Canberra.   She lived for 8 years in Papua New Guinea, and worked in Australia’s aid program in the Pacific and in eight countries in south eastern Africa.  She was a volunteer firefighter in NSW for around 20 years, including 7 years as Brigade Captain and a remote area firefighter.

These experiences she believes have influenced her attitudes to the environment and the focus of her artwork.

Her art has been exhibited in Australia, London and the United States.   Sharon is on the Board of the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Sharon has held 11 solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions in Australia and overseas.   

The artwork you are about to see during the talk has been seen live in Australia, New York (USA), Vienna (Austria) and Romania.  It has been the subject of zoom talks to a number of different groups in the USA and France.


Artist Website:

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