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CARRIE ROY ~ A History of Botanical Art & Illustration

Video link below!


The history of botany is found not only in words but also in images. Using examples from our Art and Library collections at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, and giving an overview of changing techniques and some of the ways in which botanical art has been used over more than 500 years, this talk looks at how artists took advantage of new techniques and how authors incorporated art into their published work.



Carrie Roy is the Curator of Art and Research Scholar at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University where she manages a collection of over 32,000 artworks. In this capacity, she curates exhibitions, researches and writes about topics related to botanical art and illustration, and assists visitors and researchers from a variety of backgrounds and fields. She has worked as a curator, writer, and collections manager in museums and galleries for over 15 years in both Colorado and Pittsburgh and has been with the Hunt Institute for the last 10 years.

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Video available for 2 weeks, until June 1

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