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Margaret Saylor
Interpreting Fungi ~ One Artist's Approach

Fungi and mushrooms are everywhere! An inspiring subject to paint and draw, join Margaret Saylor for a virtual visit and learn how she forages for specimens, observes the defining characteristics, sketches her subject, develops a composition, and finishes a painting. She’ll discuss and demonstrate her technique of artistically describing fungi.


Artist Margaret Saylor creates highly detailed, textural botanical paintings and drawings using watercolor and graphite on vellum. Her art captures the essence of a simple object from nature and presents it as an exquisite jewel in an ethereal setting. Her hope is that the viewer will be entranced and inspired by the subject in the same way she was. She specializes in mushrooms, fungi and woodland plants and combines accurate illustration with the beauty of shape, form, and color. Since 2013, Margaret has been the Editor/Designer of The Botanical Artist, quarterly journal of the American Society of Botanical Artists.

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